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  • A garden fence on your property is an absolute must if you are wanting to have more security at your home. Not only that, but it is a brilliant way to increase the look and the overall value of your home should you want to sell in the future!. However, before you go right into this new garden project be sure to check out the many fencing contractors in your area first…

    Having a fence built or installed on your property involves a lot more than just pounding a few posts into the ground. If you’re not handy with such projects, you’ll more than likely look at hiring a fence company to install the work for you.

    There are a number of things you should consider when you are researching for this type of work to be done.

    ·         Good Company Research

    When you start your search, look for contractors who own their own business and not some 2-bit cowboy. Make sure they work out an established office or have good credentials. It’s not uncommon for some contractors to claim they are landscaping business, pass themselves off as professionals but really they run out of a garage and have limited abilities.

    While they will do the work for you, it is less likely that they will be available after the work should you need more service or have problems with your fence. Check with family or friends to find out the names of a few fencing contractors, and then do some research on them.

    Remember that the Better Business Bureau or your local Chamber of Commerce are good resources to find out about a company or contractor’s reputation, and research if there have been any recent complaints filed against them or their work.

    ·         Get in Touch

    After you’ve located a few fencing installation companies you think might meet your needs, contact or visit each one for a brief interview. If possible, consider working with one that uses company employees, and not a company that sub-contracts out the work to others. Company employees are often more thoroughly trained and can answer questions about the details of a job, such as when materials will arrive and when construction schedules take place.

    As a result, the customer is able to stay abreast of how the job is going, as well as have a reasonable timetable of the work, because the subcontractor’s schedule, set by the parent company, may work on a number of installations at the same time. Use this time to also learn more about the company itself, such as how long they have been in business, and what types of jobs they specialize in if any.

    Ask about the amount of training and experience the employees have as well. See if they are willing to give the names of a few of their previous clients as references. If so, contact one or two people who have had some very recent work done and find out about their experience with the business. These reviews can be found on the business’s “google my business” page

    ·         Ask Questions of Value

    Once you find a company that you want to work with, there are a few more questions to ask before work can begin. The cost will obviously be one of your main concerns, but also find out if they are willing to provide a written guarantee for their work. Find out about the work ethic of those who will be performing the job and how long the employees have been with the company.

    ·         Build a Good Relationship

    Ask for an estimated time frame for the length of the job from start to finish. Keep in mind that different types of fence take varying amounts of installation time, but the contractor is able to provide a reasonable estimate for you. Be sure that everything explained to your satisfaction and that you get all the details in writing.


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