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  • Decking & Fence Builders For Glasgow – for a stress free, construction experience!

  • We Take On the Problems and Bring You Solutions

    Before, after or when work is in progress it can happen that you simply change your mind from the original plan.

    We are perfectionists, very flexible and receptive and will take amazing care in making sure you get the perfect job needed.

    For example, you may have a small and awkwardly shaped garden that you can’t really make the most of.

    We will quickly transform that space into modern decking.

    Whether is a very simple or complex design we will help you work through to create the vision you want or lend a hand in doing that with you. During the entire design and build stage, you will know you’re in capable hands when you work with us and set your mind at ease.

  • Decking & fence builders, with over 30 years experience, we want to offer you a no stress guarantee. One that allows you to easily go about your day-to-day business while looking forward to a "Magazine" finished result.

    All our terrace timber designs are available in various styles, colors, and choices of finish. We can draw inspiration from what’s already in your outdoor garden to create designs and choose materials that set a natural tone and provides a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere.

    A stylishly raised timber terrace decking that is specially designed and constructed to suit your home can increase the value of your property whether it be for.

    1. A mini-greenhouse
    2. Some planters
    3. Outdoor lounge chairs
    4. Hosting cozy dinner parties with guests

    All of these are possible uses for your small garden without having to break the bank in any way shape or form.
    A tailored service from your local professional builders that’ll be sure to impress any visitor.

    However, it's advisable to hire an expert landscaping service like ours and get a plan in your hand!



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  • Composite flooring uses materials with high friction surfaces and because of this, the surface is able to prevent slipping even when it gets wet from being exposed to rain or snow. We only use well-sourced quality boards that are very hard-wearing and durable enough to withstand any weather.

    Transforming your home garden into something stylish, bespoke and appealing which is not overly costly or time-intensive. Although It is not as high maintenance as the related PVC or Plastic, It does, however, need the occasional cleaning to remove dirt and moss and stop mold from gathering.

    Our Deck Build Price Guarantee

    We’re committed to providing affordable quality services, so why keep looking if we offer exactly what you're seeking? You can rely on us as;

  • 1. Builders of High-grade wood and composite decking at surprisingly low costs!
    2. Builders who take pride in their work through years of quality deck finishes!
    3. Builders offering all round customers satisfaction!

    We’re happy to work with you to bring an idea to life and importantly bring you along in the entire process of design and installation.

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