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You don’t want to pay thousands of pounds for a decking job that lasts only a 6 months to a few years.

Or choose Glasgow decking builders who cut corners and offer poor quality workmanship.

Finding the best decking Glasgow contractor can be difficult.

You want a professional company that offers the ultimate customer care and will do everything to make sure you get the excellent results that you deserve.

Here we will do everything we possibly can to help ensure your experience with us is a positive one. We won’t rest until your expectations have been met and even exceeded.

Highly experienced decking builders for over 30 years. When we arrive you’ll immediately know your in capable hands, as we go about transforming your garden into exactly what you’re looking for.

Decking is the perfect way to improve the exterior of your home, enhance your lifestyle, and boost your property value.

We build it all with precision, quality, and speed and well worth the price. We cover all areas in the city North, South, Eastside & West.

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We got five quotes from a number of local landscaping firms and decided to go with John for our composite decking. He was more than accommodating with any changes that we wanted, he kept me up to date at all times, came over on time to do the work, and the end result was fantastic. The workers were incredibly professional and polite. At the same time, they got the job done quickly. An all-round brilliant service that I would recommend them to any one of my friends. We are really happy with the quality he delivered for us at our house in Kirklands Crescent, Bothwell.

Alan Guardine

My husband and I were beginning to hate our garden. We had a huge brown patch in our front yard that we couldn't figure out how to fix, and the garden was tiny and we kept having to re-sod it because of all the weeds. We decided that we needed to find a new option for lawn care. Our friend suggested we try artificial grass since it's so much easier to maintain than natural grass. I was skeptical, but he insisted we give it a try, so we found these guys at landscape gardeners glasgow for anything garden related. Our astroturf looks absolutely divine. And the whole team that came to put it down were just fantastic. They were so friendly, so good at their work, and did a great job. Awesome company.

Eddie Koehn

Fantastic service from beginning to end, I had requested my old path slab to be lifted and reused to make a patio area. He was also able to build a base for my greenhouse to go on. Excellent workmanship - highly recommend!

Laura Hastie

Types of Decking Materials

Decking is an effective way to add more character and space to your property with little or no maintenance.

There has been a growing demand in Scotland for outdoor living, and each homeowner is adding this feature to their property in the form of decking or patios to add functional entertaining spaces.

The decking market is booming and expanding, with a range of new style decking boards, colors, and brands hitting the market.

Here are the different types of decking.

Composite Decking

Composite is one of the most popular types of decking. There are several reasons why composite decking has become so popular. It is made up of recycled materials and is incredibly durable. It’s an environmentally friendly product that doesn’t require too much maintenance, which is why it has become so popular in Glasgow.

  • Eco-friendly: This product is made up of recycled wood fibers like sawdust and plastic and doesn’t contain toxic chemicals.
  • Water-resistant: Composite decking is moisture resistant that makes it waterproof. So, it is an ideal material to set up in your outdoor space.  
  • Slip-resistant: Compared to some types of decking, this upvc board is less likely to slippery. They have textured finishes that offer traction, making this material slip-resistant.
  • Easy to maintain: Who wants to spend a weekend priming, and staining the decks around your home? With plastic decking—all you need to wash it off to avoid mildew and mold build-up once a year.  


While composite decking is a popular choice among homeowners, it can be more expensive than other decking materials, such as timber. Additionally, composite decking is not as strong as timber and can be prone to scratches and fading over time.

Some composite decking products can also be susceptible to staining and mildew growth, especially if they are not cleaned regularly.

Timber Decking

Softwood timber decking is a fantastic way to bring the serenity of nature to your garden. These beautiful additions offer excellent space for outdoor leisure, exercise, and relaxation. This kind of decking must be well treated prior to avoid fungal diseases and various pests and insects.

  • Easy to install: Softwood is easy to set up and easy to work with.
  • Enhances: If you opt for this pressure treated wood and maintain it well with decking oils and protective treatment, this can last for many years and improve the whole look.


One of the biggest drawbacks of timber decking is that it requires regular maintenance, such as sealing and staining, to keep it looking good and to prevent it from rotting, warping, or cracking over time.

Additionally, softwood timber decks are not as durable as hardwood decks and are more prone to weathering and insect infestations.


Hardwood timber is made of slow-growing trees like oak and ash and many other broadleaved trees. This type of decking has a complex structure, and some species are deciduous.  

  • Stylish: The warm and elegant appearance can transform your yard into a modern and elegant area with unique visual appeal.
  • Durable: Extremely durable and can stand for a very long time, thus saves you time and money in the long run.
  • Low maintenance:  This doesn’t need sweeping on a regular basis. Keeps the deck free from grit and dirt will help the floor shine. Mopping the wood with a cleaner intended for this material helps protect its finish 


Hardwood decking is more expensive than other materials, and it requires regular maintenance to prevent weathering and deterioration. The natural oils in hardwood can make it slippery when wet, which can be a safety hazard. Hardwood decking is also not as eco-friendly as other materials because it is often harvested from old-growth forests.

Additionally, some hardwood species are vulnerable to pests and diseases, which can make them more difficult to maintain.

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A durable first-class decking installation for you to enjoy with all the family for years to come. We naturally draw design inspiration from what’s already in your outdoor garden, providing a welcoming, vibrant atmosphere that really sets the tone for any special occasion you have in mind.

Being a professional deck building and landscaping service in Scotland and having again passed the 50 point inspection test from “Three Best Rated” our build time will be quick and efficient, so you can get back to relaxing in your garden quickly.

Glasgow decking builders can build decks on almost any surface. No matter what the situation, we’re ready to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

We can explore your options for decking  sure to impress any visitor or guests who visit your home.

  • Traditional decking
  • Floating decking
  • Pressure treated decking
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE)


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