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Feeling exposed in your own garden? Worried about prying eyes or too much neighborly chat when you’re just trying to unwind?

It’s a common gripe, but there’s a silver lining.

Imagine a sturdy 6ft fence, topped with elegant trellises, all installed by us at Landscape Gardeners Glasgow. Sounds like the perfect fix, right?

Choosing privacy doesn’t mean shunning the community; it means enjoying your space on your terms. Relax in your garden without worry.

With over 30 years in the fencing business in Glasgow, we’re pros at crafting fences that offer both privacy and style—fast, with top-notch finishes.

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All project quotes come with a £20 fee. (returned after all the work is completed)

This approach ensures that our time and expertise are dedicated to serious inquiries, reflecting our dedication to delivering top-notch solutions.

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    meldrum leiper
    meldrum leiper
    Jon knows his business , understands gardens and won't let you down.
    Eddie Koehn
    Eddie Koehn
    My husband and I were beginning to hate our garden. We had a huge brown patch in our front yard that we couldn't figure out how to fix, and the garden was tiny and we kept having to re-sod it because of all the weeds. We decided that we needed to find a new option for lawn care. Our friend suggested we try artificial grass since it's so much easier to maintain than natural grass. I was skeptical, but he insisted we give it a try, so we found these guys at landscape gardeners glasgow for anything garden related. Our astroturf looks absolutely divine. And the whole team that came to put it down were just fantastic. They were so friendly, so good at their work, and did a great job. Awesome company.
    Laura Hastie
    Laura Hastie
    Fantastic service from beginning to end, I had requested my old path slab to be lifted and reused to make a patio area. He was also able to build a base for my greenhouse to go on. Excellent workmanship - highly recommend!
    M G
    M G
    Excellent workmanship courteous worker and tidy

    Residential Fence Ideas

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    6ft high fencing in garden
    brown colour fence

    Options for Fence Installation

    • Sturdy Timber Fencing: Choose our traditional timber palisade for a natural look. While it brings rustic charm, we design it to enhance your privacy and define your space beautifully.
    • Modern Composite Fencing: For a contemporary edge with minimal upkeep, our composite fencing is ideal. It blends wood and plastic for a durable, rot-resistant finish that keeps prying eyes out.
    • Elegant Metal Panels: Select metal fencing for a sleek, modern barrier that merges security with aesthetics. Although a pricier option, its longevity and unique look make it a worthwhile investment.
    • Noise-Reducing Solutions: Live near a busy area? Our noise reduction fencing cuts down on sound, turning your garden into a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle.

    Call us to explore our fencing options and start your journey to a more private, peaceful outdoor space. 

    We’re here to guide you through selecting the perfect fencing, promising a hassle-free process and a finish that transforms your garden into a peaceful retreat.

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