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  • Looking At Famous Glasgow Landmarks

  • Glasgow is a proud Scottish city with a very long history, so it should come as no surprise that this modern city has plenty of landmarks and old sites that have long stood as obvious landmarks for residents and visitors alike. Ranging from centuries old and a living testament of the city’s history to relatively new landmarks that nonetheless stick out and have quickly blended into the modern side of Glasgow, there are plenty of famous landmarks you’ll want to familiarize yourself with on your next visit to this marvelous northern city!

    ·         The Glasgow Cathedral

    This towering structure is a magnificent piece of architecture and a historic site that has served as a religious and often educational center for the residents of the city for nearly a thousand years. Originally built in the 1100’s there’s no denying this famous landmark’s impressive qualities, and there’s certainly no missing it while you are traveling through the city. A fantastic historic site worth the visit, and still used for services to this very day.

    ·         City Chambers

    Completed in 1888 this magnificent building still houses the local government and is a remarkable sight that will be hard to miss. Incredible design and architecture. Overlooking the famed George Square and open to the public for tours, the work that went into this building to provide a main government seat worthy of the outstanding city has produced one of the true landmarks of modern-day Glasgow.

    ·         The Glasgow Necropolis

    Yup, one of the major landmarks in the city is the famed Glasgow Necropolis, a graveyard that offers an incredible history of the city. This Victorian cemetery includes not only many historic local figures but a wide array of truly remarkable and unique headstones complete with a wide variety of insightful and interesting inscriptions. Over 50,000 individuals would be put to rest here, and a wide array of statues.

    This might be a bit morbid for some but there’s no denying it is easy to spot, find, and wonderfully kept up to allow plenty to see and explore – which should be done with all respect, of course.

    ·         The Riverside Museum

    A very modern building, this might not have the past history of the others on this list but if you are going to be finding yourself down by the river this outstanding museum not only offers plenty to see and do but it has a unique outside design and architecture that definitely makes it a modern landmark that is almost impossible to miss, especially when you’re nearby. It is a building that will stick out in a crowd!

    ·         The Duke of Wellington Statue

    The statue itself isn’t as famous on its own, so much as it has become a symbol of the mischievous and humorous nature of the Scots. Catching worldwide fame as “the statue with a traffic cone on its head” ever since that original widespread photo it seems like locals have taken up the challenge of one-upping each other while making sure the good Duke doesn’t go long without some proper headgear. A friendly bit of mischief, if you ask me! The city council even considered doubling the size of the statue to discourage this practice in 2013 but an overwhelming online petition made it clear how the residents of Glasgow feel about the statue – they love it with its assortment of donated hats!

    ·         Visit Glasgow

    As you can see there are many quite remarkable landmarks that are worth a visit and this is just scratching the surface of all the amazing places to visit and sights to see when you become a friendly visitor to one of Scotland’s most famous and most hospitable cities.

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