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Creating More Space with Flowers and Color

Posted on: January 6, 2017 by in Designing Your Yard
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You may have come across this problem before, here’s the scenario…

Within the grounds of your own home you have some space that you wish to make larger
but dont have a budget or space to create more room.

Don’t worry! we have a solution or two that we can use to make an area bigger than it actually is…and its very simple!.

1. Cool Colors Will Do The Trick!

This creates more distance and allows your flower borders and beds to appear different from standing anywhere within your own home and around your garden at certain points.

  • Reds
  • Yellow
  • Orange

You want to be using these types of flowers close to the house and focus on more colder looking colors and in particular the blue variety. These colors together have a habitt to seem more distant than they really are the further up the garden you go, and its better to slowly alternate the changes between the two types of colors, so that its not to noticeable.

Just remember to use nice bright glowing colors and then gradually move to more cooler blues, which will gives the illusion that a small area is bigger.

2. Playing with Sizes and Length’s

An alternative or addition to the first method is to change the size and length of any walkway that can be dividing anything through your garden, for example;

You have a walkway that’s 15 feet (4.5m) in length, and want to create it seems that the more distance there is the narrower it becomes.

Now if the width of that walkway is 2 ft (0.6 m) and 15 ft (4.5m) in length, the sizes will change from 2 ft (0.6m) and cut to 0.5 ft – 1 ft in width at the finish.

Just repeat the method when your want to create length, remembering to always come out with the width and then come back in the further you are away.

So give these a try next time you want to create the illusion of having a bigger garden and remember to drop by here again at for more hints and tips.

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