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  • The Association Of Architectural History
    Yearly 2017 World Meeting
    City of Glasgow, Scotland, June 7th – 11th
    University of Strathclyde, Technology & Innovation Centre

    The association of architectural history will be holding its 70th yearly world meeting in Glasgow city, Scotland and the event will be held in June between the 7th – 11th. The conference is going to mirror the progressive outlook of the association and at the meeting, they are anticipating members from around the globe to join them in Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland widely known for its brilliant architectural traditions. This will be the first occasion that the event has been organized outside of North America since 1973.
    Attending the event this year will be many museum experts historians from all over the world to gather and analyze the history of the surroundings and the meeting in Glasgow will include a large number of paper sessions, examinations, workshops tours etc.

    • 10th January: Papers submitted by conference speakers.
    • 10th January: First registration opportunities open up.
    • 12th February: Papers returned to event speakers with comments.
    • 14th March: First registration opportunity finishes at midnight.
    • 15th March: Registration opens to the general public (tour-only)
    • 3rd April: Any amendments from the speakers completed and allocated copies given to session chairs and fellow speakers.
    • 16th May: The online enrolment ends at 11.59 pm
    Why The City of Glasgow?
    • Brilliant architectural design history such as Glasgow School of Art.
    • Great transport system and easy to move around the city of Glasgow.
    • Close international airport and direct flights from an abundance of destinations.
    • Many museums and galleries like the Kelvingrove Art Gallery giving a free entry.
    • Not an overly priced city to visit with lots of accommodation, in particular, Carlton George Hotel
    • Lots of beautifully landscaped gardens to visit, a must for anyone who likes their breath to be taken away.

    Update: Current Sold Out Tickets

    1. Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the New Suburbs.
    2. The Merchant House of Glasgow.
    3. The Glasgow Cathedral and the Necropolis.
    4. Alexander Thomson In Glasgow.
    5. The conference has sold out of the following events.
    6. The Castles of Lowland Scotland.

    Tickets for any tours or events at the conference are not refundable however they will be transferable. If for any reason you can’t attend the conference you can give the ticket to any other registered member. Any available tickets will be posted on the event mobile guide or on the message board at the conference information help desk.

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