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  • "Brilliant team to have around us.They totally exceeded our very high expectations on what was a big landscaping project. All completed with the budget we set out and with efficient use of time also. It was great to work with these skilled, friendly and thoughtful guys at landscape gardeners glasgow."

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  • "Excellent workmanship courteous worker and tidy"

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  • "Absolutely delighted with the work that they did for us this last week or so. Very hard workers, great to deal with and they've transformed our front garden and a few other jobs besides. Nothing was a problem to them. I would recommend these to anyone, and at a fantastic price. Thanks very much"

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  • Landscape Design Ideas With One Focus: You

    Turn your big idea into a place for either growing, relaxing from a hard day or entertaining your guests & family in the summertime.
  • Reduce The Risk Of Wasting Time And Money!
    Don't fall into the trap of Allowing Un-qualified or un-professional companies quote for your next project
  • Welcome to Landscape Gardeners Glasgow, You’ve landed in the best place for you and your garden...

    Accept no substitute!

    If you’ve ever had a bad experience before with anyone working at your property?...

    Then its certain to say that it leaves you feeling let down, disappointed, and annoyed at yourself for trusting someone, amongst many other unsavory feelings...

    Nothing annoys me more than so-called-landscaping-experts who giving the profession a bad name. Many seem to forget about what it takes to run a solid professional business. In my line of work, it doesn't just mean what happens between the boundaries of your home but also the before-during-after care too...

    If you've ever experienced being let down with: 

    • Poor workmanship
    • Bad customer service
    • Poor job etiquette
    • misquotation
    • Unsatisfactory job management
    • Jobs overrunning

    Then I can guarantee that under my supervision you will experience no such thing I promise! The last thing we want is an unhappy customer because it’s very bad for business and nobody with little care will last...


     A Thorough And Well-Executed Plan 

    So here's the deal.

    Before work begins at your home, as expert landscape gardeners in Glasgow we will carry out various checks to foresee any problems which may prevent the work from running smoothly from start to finish.

    In all my time of being a landscaper in Glasgow, I have never seen a job incur any problems when the planning was 100% correct...

    If you have any plans already created then we can work to those specifications. All you need to do is get in touch by either phone or our facebook page and let us know that you have forwarded them on to our business email address, that can be found on our contact us page.

     What's Important For You?

    Like any landscape planning it's important we understand what you need from your new landscape design.  As professional gardeners and landscapers, we need to know what is important to you, so you can get the maximum benefits...

    LITTLE TO NO MAINTENANCE - Who really wants it? let's do away with it and create a simplistic design made from new astroturf for you to relax in! and give the lawn mower up for good.

    PRIVACY AND SECURITY - There is nothing better than a piece of mind. Feeling safe is a life necessity and we want you to feel secure in your own home. Get some strong fence security.

    MORE SPACE - Make use of any garden space that may not be getting used anymore. A small landscape conversion can be created into a larger area for a pathway, car entrance, planting area, outdoor terrace etc.

    This will give you an idea of what you may need and what we as an excellent landscape gardening company can do for you. 

    As a professional and reliable business from the southside since 1992, we have been at the forefront of landscape garden design. So whatever it is you are looking for, I guarantee it will...

    • Run smooth and efficiently.
    • Start on time & finish when agreed.
    • Be there to answer any questions about materials.
    • Keep you updated.
    • Explain what any costs cover.
    • Give you options.
    • All the advice you need before & after.


    A Design Fit For Your Garden

    Glasgow landscape design is at the forefront of what we do and this is another great reason to give us call no matter what it is you need for your garden. As Landscape Gardeners, we have a solution so you can extend near enough any livable part of your property by creating any small or large outdoor living space...

    Too many people see the very idea of a designed garden as foreign and an unnecessary exercise, appropriate only to the gardens of large stately homes. The reality is different.

    Plants are the raison d'etre of the garden and add so much more!...

    An all-around good design should take into account the functions of:

    1. Different areas
    2. Changes in the terrain
    3. Places for entertaining
    4. Areas for storage
    5. Points of access

    And a garden designer must assess these functions to create a unified garden layout. The ensuing product will be a design pleasing to the eye and well-integrated into its environment...

    Designing for oneself is more difficult than designing for others. Often there may exist personal associations with a particular area that may prove hard to overcome, a favorite plant that is unable to thrive in your climate for example. These feelings may confound a newcomer to the world of landscaping and they may also lack the ability to choose appropriate plant materials.

  • On A Tight Budget? No Problem!

    Does your backyard look like a jungle? Well, guess what It doesn't cost a fortune to create a beautiful backyard. With a little creativity and a can-do attitude, you can transform even the OMG-there-is-nothing-you-can-do-with-this-midden, into a lively, colorful place for your family to hang out.


    Landscaping Ideas that looks Great

    1. Install a water feature which can improve the aesthetics for any outdoor - and it doesn't cost a ton of money to install. Add a pond or a stream to make your garden stand out; and include a water fountain if possible.

    2. Light up the night Lighting will not only make your backyard look pretty at night, but it also increases safety by highlighting paths and obstacles you wouldn't see after dark.

    3. Add more evergreen plants to give your garden color year-round, opt for evergreens like the popular boxwood shrubs. Other options include arborvitae, bay laurel, holly, and privet.

     4. Install a retainer to help define the flower beds and create areas of visual interest. It also prevents soil erosion.

     5. Use temporary spray paint to design your edging which is great for outlining edging layout and it makes a garden look more professional.

     6. Create a path for high-traffic areas like your back door to garage? Gather some wood beams to create a decent path - and add concrete to make it permanent.

     7. Put up a flower bed border this is simple and can be done using mulch and a stone edge to pretty up the plain-looking flower beds.

    And that's it! All it takes is a few days to rearrange your garden and set up cool features that make it come alive.

    #Tip: Build a cover for your air conditioning so it doesn't mess with your home's exterior.

    Glasgow's Landscapers Are The Best

    We expect you will look around Glasgow and gather quotations from other landscape gardeners, however, we will do our best to match any offer you do receive...

    Right from the start, you will know how the outcome will end and there will no surprises along the way. For a better-looking property which can be either more eco-friendly, easier to maintain or add more house value, just get in touch. You will not only save more money in the long run but also have total peace of mind over your decision.


    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    After satisfying so many customers over the last 30 years, enabling us to stay on top in Glasgow and attract new business It's vitally important for me to keep it that way. When you hire my team at landscape gardeners Glasgow you are in safe hands 100% guaranteed...

    Being not the most computer savvy person I try and get this brilliant website updated as often as possible, this helps you in your research phase when deciding on which company to use and those to avoid...

    Browse around the website, check the excellent reviews, immerse yourself in the content, get a feel for the tone of who we are and what we do BEST...and that's landscape gardening!...

    Get in touch today with Landscape Gardeners Glasgow to discuss your next project! And visit our blog for some tips before you leave.

    Speak soon.

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